BRAGONZI S.P.A. - Fonderie Costruzioni Meccaniche



Bragonzi Spa has more than 90 years of activity and a strong tradition in the production of highly complex cast iron products. The foundry produces lamellar, spheroidal, white chromium, Ni-Hard and Ni-Resist cast iron castings with weights from 0.1 to 10,000 kg.
In recent years the company has strengthened its position into the market thanks to the attention on the strategic positioning, to the technologies used and the complete verticalization of the production process, with direct control of all the processing phases.
Over 60% of the production is wear resistant cast iron with high chromium content produced with the registered trademark Crom-Hard®. The foundry has a mechanical workshop where we machine our castings. The company is located on an area of about 35,000 square meters, just few kilometers from Milan Malpensa airport.


The values that have always characterized the company have their roots in its history and in its production tradition inspired by excellence. Doing business by innovating effectively, producing respecting the environment to always give to the customer the best product at the lower price


The foundry has the following main plants:


Medium frequency electric furnaces, from 2 to 20 tons, for environmentally friendly production with maximum flexibility


The department is equipped with several machines for the production of cores that are produced in various methods: cold-box, shell molding and self-hardening. (No-bake)


The green sand molding is carried out with a modern automatic forming plant. The casting takes place with a mechanized system capable to inoculate the cast iron directly on the mold.


The forming with the "no-bake" process is carried out both with a mechanized "fast-loop" type plant able to produce in molding boxes up to the size of 1200x1500 mm, and by hand in molding boxes or pit. The plants are equipped with mixers able to automatically preparing different types of molding mixtures in relation to the production needs of the castings.


The department is equipped with several methane gas and electric treatment furnaces in which it is possible to perform heat treatment of the castings: stress relieving - annealing - quenching and tempering. For the treatment of hardening and tempering of small-sized castings, the department is equipped with continuous automatic ovens that guarantee a consistently homogeneous result.


The deburring department is equipped with cabins equipped with hanging wheels and cutting-off machines for the large castings. The department also has several sand blasting machines. 


To complete the services offered to customers in the foundry sector, the company has a fully equipped workshop for the mechanical processing of castings. The department is equipped with various CNC machine such as horizontal machine centers, boring and milling machine centers, vertical and parallel machine centers, grinding machine centers. 

The company is also equipped with an assembling and painting department.


We are able to create models of any type through CAM systems in different materials (wood, resin and metal) as needed.


We interface directly with the customer to obtain economically and technically advantageous solutions to all projects.